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Transferring hazardous liquid cargo to or from a ship: complex and sensitive operations.

Covering the HSE (Hygiene, Safety, and Environmental) requirements for a tanker in port (loading, unloading, transshipping) is a duty which involves criminal liability.

Only experienced personnel, capable of managing a set of factors (technical, equipment-related, human, interpersonal, regulatory, linguistic…) which is both unique and complex are able to coordinate, in complete safety, the transfer of hazardous substances (oil, gas, chemicals).

4SA, human resources and processes which are able to meet the challenge

Since 2002, 4SA has met all the challenges that its operations pose with human resources and processes which are able to manage the environmental, legal, and financial risks involved.

4SAs quality advantages

Highly qualified personnel: 4SA mainly employs experienced officers from the merchant navy [1], trained in merchant navy safety procedures. Thanks to the range of assignments they carry out, “routine” never affects their alertness. They know where to look, what to look for, and what to check.

Excellence in quality control: by implementing a Quality and Safety Management System (4SA QSMS), 4SA is continuously working on improving its methods, its indicators, and its statistics. In 2008, this QSMS enabled 4SA to be awarded MASE certification for a period of 3 years and in 2010, it gained us ISO 9001:2008. It has also enabled us to retain these certifications.

Since 2006, 4SA has held the status of organisme de formation [training organisation], awarded by the French Regional Directorate for Employment.

The results speak for themselves: the number of risks of potentially serious accidents in our area of operation is now a tenth of the figure recorded 10 years ago. (Lien courbe)

A very high rate of customer satisfaction: 98%

An exceptional database: with 2000 monitored ships, representing 12,000 calls 4SA’s database (records of ships, feedback on experience) is a veritable asset for the maritime freight sector.

[1] This is exactly what you would expect from people with shipping experience who have be trained internally by their officers