About us

4SA, a pioneer in the sector since 2002

An independent and impartial organisation, 4SA was the first shipping expert in France to meet the highly demanding technical, regulatory and human requirements involved in shipping hazardous goods (oil, gas, chemicals) with a highly qualified and experienced staff, adhering to 4SA’s formal internal procedures.

4SA, a track record that speaks for itself

In 10 years, the number of potentially serious accidents per month, in our areas of operation, fell from 23 to 2. 4SA has therefore avoided many serious incidents and saved its customers from facing heavy financial losses, as well as severe legal proceedings. (lien courbe)

4SA, high-tech maritime services

Operating 24 hours a day, 4SA’s maritime services are certified (see quality management and 4SA’s QSMS). Major companies, oil terminals and storage tankers, ship-owners and brokers can count on the quality of our operations.

People with technical expertise and experience of the regulatory framework

Since 2002, 4SA has mainly recruited experienced officers from the merchant navy (bulk liquid cargo) [1], , with complete knowledge of international industry standards (SOLAS, ISGOTT…), as well as national (RPM) and local regulations. We also look for experience in the workings of facilities and the coordination of technical measurements required at these facilities (flow, temperature, pressure, transfer rate, sequencing), as well as product incompatibilities.

High-level communication and process skills

With a perfect command of technical shipping terms in English, 4SA’s officers have strong communication skills. With the skills to “handle” the different people and interests which they will come across on their assignments (tankers, companies, ports, terminals), they are able to make significant gains in safety, efficiency, and time.

The wide range of assignments which 4SA offers to them (which may be up to 3 or 4 shipping operations per day) keeps them alert and continuously builds on their expertise. Whether they are working on cost optimisation or improving safety, they are constantly focussed and their reports are clear, precise, and accurate..

[1] This is exactly what you would expect from people with shipping experience who have be trained internally by their officers