4SA is an independent and impartial organisation which, since 2002, has shown itself to be a pioneer, through its approach to the safety and optimisation of the loading/unloading of hazardous goods from seagoing or river tankers.

In the course of our operations, we noticed that a number of needs were not being met with regards to technical and/or regulatory know-how. We have reacted to this by putting into place a range of targeted training courses as well as auditing services and mentoring services.


4SA audits, effective solutions to the requirements at ports, depots, and terminals

Ports are subject to a regulatory framework. Depots and terminals must comply with international (OCIMF) and/or national standards in order to be able to work with cargo owners.

4SA is able to inspect all or part of their operations. The thoroughness of our audits gives you the benefit of specific advice, which will bring the facilities up to standard, in accordance with international shipping regulations (OCIMF, ISGOTT), or regulations governing inland navigation (ISGINTT).

With over 10 years of experience (4SA oversees, every day, 3 or 4 loading and unloading operations of hazardous liquids carried by seagoing and river tankers), our teams are able to spot potential or actual deviations from standards (for both equipment and cargo), which may occur during the transfer of goods.

Their expertise enables safety at terminals and on ships to be improved.

Please contact us with any specific requirements for audits, compliance, or monitoring.

With our experience in the maritime sector and the expertise of our staff, wherever you are in the world, we will be able to help.