Loading Master


Four important members of staff can participate in improving the cost-effectiveness of a maritime (or inland waterway) operation involving the loading, unloading or transshipment of hazardous cargo (oil, gas chemicals): the Superintendent, the Loading Master, the Cargo Surveyor and the Cargo Advisor.

4SA’s Loading Master service

Whether you are the consignee or the shipper of the goods, a 4SA Loading Master can represent you, to coordinate their transfer in the most effective way, in accordance with the logistics solutions available to them. The Loading Master is there to ensure that things work correctly. Representing the terminal, they are the consignee, along with the ship’s Captain (or their representative), of the port transfer agreements, which, in the event of an incident, may lead to criminal prosecution criminal prosecution (and therefore financial losses).

You 4SA loading Master prepares the operations before the ship’s arrival. From start to finish, they are the link between the shore and the ship. They are responsible for the operational parameters (transfer rates, pressures, quantities to load or unload, methods of communication used, available tanks, temperatures etc.)

Should the transfer agreements not be respected, they may decide to stop the operation. In which case, you will be informed in real time.

At 4SA, our Loading Masters are shipping experts, who are just as knowledgeable about transfer procedures on shore as they are of those used on board.

At 4SA, our experience has taught us that there are often shortcomings when these operations are carried out. To respond to this need, 4SA has set up the “4SA Loading Master training course“, as well as the “ship awareness and 4SA HSE training course“. These courses have been offered to, and approved by, our customers.

Our Cargo Advisors can also simultaneously act as Loading Masters.

Please contact us, with our knowledge of the maritime sector and the expertise of our staff, we are able to respond to any customer requirements, anywhere in the world.

These companies trust us for their cost optimisation requirements:

BP Lavera then PETROINEOS since 2002, BP France since 2007, EDF-TL since 2011.

These companies trust us for their cost optimisation requirements:

BP Lavera puis PETROINEOS depuis 2002, BP France depuis 2007, EDF-TL depuis 2011.