Cargo Surveyor


Four important members of staff can participate in improving the cost-effectiveness of a maritime (or inland waterway) operation involving the loading, unloading or transshipment of hazardous cargo (oil, gas chemicals): the Superintendent, the Loading Master, the Cargo Surveyor and the Cargo Advisor.

All controls performed are in compliance with international standards (ASTM / API / ISO / AFNOR / …).

The Cargo Surveyor job, including cargo measurements, temperature measurements, sampling, calculations, documentation and reporting ensures our Customers an independent, accurate and complete in the quantity and quality of the cargo.

Quantity & Quality Inspections :

  • Crude oil
  • Refined products
  • Liquid & gas chemical products

A registration process for all Cargo Surveyors with the IFIA (International Federation of Inspection Agencies) was initiated in Q3 2016.