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4SA is an independent and impartial organisation which, since 2002, has shown itself to be a pioneer, through its approach to the safety and optimisation of the loading/unloading of hazardous liquids from seagoing or river tankers.

During the course of our operations, we noticed that a certain number of needs were not being met with regards to technical and/or regulatory know-how. We have reacted to this by putting into place a range of targeted training courses, as well as auditing services and a staff mentoring service.

Staff mentoring

To complement our training courses, 4SA can also support your teams as they go about their assignments, improving and validating with them, their day-to-day practices, thereby improving the safety and profitability of your operation.

Our training staff are attentive men and women with a wealth of experience and good teaching skills. They have a solid knowledge of international, national, and local rules and recommendations as well as good knowledge of port, ship, and terminal facilities.

They are able to work independently, implementing the necessary corrective action in order to adhere to HSE (Health, Safety, and Environmental) standards.

Please contact us with any specific training, audit, or mentoring requirements. With our experience in the maritime sector and the expertise if our staff, wherever you are in the world, we will be able to help.